Dog Walker Aged 83 Repeatedly Stabbed To Death While Out Walking His Dogs

An 83-year-old dog walker has been repeatedly stabbed to death while walking his two dogs in a woodland. The married dad-of-two, who has not been named, was found dead by another walker at around 10.45am on Saturday in woods near East Harling, Norfolk.

Detectives revealed the man died from multiple stab wounds to his head and neck and said the motive for the killing “remains unclear”. The victim’s two small dogs were found unharmed near the pensioner’s body. Police say the victim was a “family man” and expressed shock at the level of brutality used during the attack.

Police have refused to say if they believe the victim was murdered at the spot, which is managed by the Forestry Commission, or if his body was dumped there. A post-mortem carried out yesterday by a Home Office pathologist found the man appeared to have been “subjected to a serious assault”.

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