Dog Killed After Teenager Found Having Sex With It

A teenager has been arrested after caught having sex with a dog after witnesses originally thought he was trying to steal it.

The dog was "carried like a baby" to the building site

The dog was “carried like a baby” to the building site

A 19 year-old man named only as Osagiator, was seen by witnesses carrying a dog to a building site in Lagos, Nigeria. One onlooker, George Ogbonmwan, thought the teen was trying to steal the dog and so called the site owner, Garuba Samari, over.

When they went to investigate, they saw the teen having sex with the dog. Mr Ogbonmwan explained: “When I saw the way the young man carried the dog like a baby, I decided to tell the owner. I advised him to go towards the uncompleted building but as he went to the building, he caught the boy sleeping with his dog.”

Osagiator, who is originally from Benin, had travelled to Nigeria in search of work. He said: “I was walking along the street. I saw a dog following me and I carried it like a baby and, thereafter, I decided to take it to an uncompleted building where I did what I did to it. It was there that one man came into the building and arrested me.”

Osagiator was arrested and Mr Samari disowned his dog; because it was perceived to have brought shame on the community, the elders took the decision to have it killed.

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