Dog Drags Schoolgirl Off Swing In Frenzied Attack – Then Its Owner Does A Runner

A terrified nine year-old was the subject of a horrifying attack when she was mauled by a crazed Staffordshire bull terrier in a park.


Chloe's mum hopes she will be off her crutches in time for the new school term

Chloe’s mum hopes she will be off her crutches in time for the new school term after the attack by a Staffordshire bull terrier (inset)

Little Chloe Woodhead from Burton was enjoying the swings in Anglesey Community Park, Burton, Staffordshire, when the dog was let off its lead. According to witnesses, the Staffordshire bull terrier went straight for Chloe, sinking its teeth into her leg and dragging her off the swing and to the ground.

Chloe, who had gone to the park with her sister and cousins, was left covered in blood, bites and bruises. Her grandmother, Pam Gaskin, said. “The kids said the woman told them her dog was usually friendly, and said she would go to get some tissues and some money for treats for them, and didn’t come back. To walk off and leave a child on the ground like that is terrible.”

Chloe’s mother, Nicola, said that Chloe and the whole family have been left shaken by Sunday’s attack: “I was terrified when I saw her. I didn’t know what I was going to find. Her foot was covered in blood and she had big holes in her clothes. It looked like her toe was hanging off.” Nicola is hoping that Chloe will be off her crutches in time for the start of the new school term next week.

Nicola also said that Chloe is now nervous around the family dog which had been bought, in part, to help her daughter overcome a fear of dogs: “She was doing so well, and now this. This woman just came from nowhere. People should always have their dog on a lead. I would never let my dog off the lead.”

The police have confirmed they are investigating the crazed attack and have issued a description of the dog’s owner: “The lady who was with the dog has been described as about 5ft 7ins tall, of slim build and with black hair. She was wearing a black puffa jacket, which looked quite big, and white trousers. The dog was a beige or brown Staffordshire bull terrier.”

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