“Disgusting” Swimming Pool Uses WAVE MACHINE To “Break Up” Woman’s Vomit

A “disgusted” granddad has claimed lifeguards at his local swimming pool used a wave machine to ‘break up’ a woman’s vomit. Steve Wiseman said he was in the pool with his daughter Molly, 11, and granddaughter Jett, eight, at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre in Lincolnshire on Saturday when the woman threw up in the water.

He claimed staff were left puzzled about how to clean up the sick before a decision was made to switch on the pool’s wave machine to ‘break up’ the chunks. The centre made no comment on the allegation but said lifeguards took “immediate action” and “removed the contamination from the pool”.

Steve said: “We heard a manager was called to the pool. But they could not decide what to do. All he did was send a lifeguard into the pool to scoop out the lumps. Then he ordered the wave machine to be switched on to stir it up. It was disgusting. It is gross. I think it is a bio hazard. They should have got everyone out and cleaned it.”

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