PICTURED: Devoted Gran Drives Everywhere With Cliff Richard Dummy In Passenger Seat To Stay Safe

Rather than wired for sound, devoted Cliff Richard fan Jill Stolworthy prefers to be belted for safety.

The die-hard fan drives everywhere with a Cliff Richard dummy strapped into the passenger seat of her Peugeot 206 and believes that the likeness of Sir Cliff helps ward off criminals.

68 year-old Jill saw Cliff perform for the first time 55 years ago and when she and her 71 year-old husband David saw a likeness of the star’s head at a car boot sale in 2012, they snapped it up. They fashioned Cliff a body made from MDF and bulked it out with a cushion. One of David’s old blazers, a Norwich City football scarf and a snazzy pair of Aviator shades complete the look. Jill and David are glad Cliff sports the sunglasses, as they find his eyes “too intense to look at.”

Jill Stolworthy feels safer with "Cliff" as a passenger

Jill Stolworthy feels safer with “Cliff” as a passenger

Norwich-based David said: “We got the head because we like Cliff Richard – Jill especially is a big fan – and it just escalated from there. We thought he would be particularly useful when Jill is driving on her own, especially at night, so it looks like there is a male passenger. We get plenty of people doing double takes when they look into the car, but not everyone has picked up on him.

“We recently caught the Dover to Dunkirk ferry service to go to Germany – and not once during the inspection by customs and immigration staff in either country was he spotted or commented on!”

Jill, who boasts at least 22 Cliff CDs and DVDs, said: “Me and my friends are all big Cliff Richard fans. I saw him when he came to the theatre in Norwich in 1959 – I remember queueing up to get tickets and he was just fantastic that night.”

"Cliff" turns heads in his Aviator shades and Norwich City footie scarf

“Cliff” turns heads in his Aviator shades and Norwich City footie scarf

Their Cliff-look-a-like doesn’t just sit in the car, however. David said: “We had him in the shed for a while, dressed in a high-visibility jacket and holding a broom – just in case anybody broke in. Our grandson nearly had a fit when he saw him.”

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