Devastated Parents Of Dying Boy Cradled By Prince Harry Reveal Friends Won’t Visit

The family of a terminally-ill six-year-old who was cradled by Prince Harry have revealed one of the hardest things about his battle with incurable Batten disease – having friends ‘taken away from them’. Brave Ollie Carroll, and his sister Amelia, four, are both fighting Batten Disease which robs youngsters of their sight, speech and mobility.

The pair were visited by Prince Harry at the Great Ormond Street Hospital as Ollie was being treated with a new drug called Brineura which aims to stop the disease getting worse. But in a heartbreaking Facebook post, mum-of-four Lucy has claimed that Ollie and Amelia are also having to deal with ‘having their friends taken away from them’ and family members not visiting them anymore because they ‘can’t cope’ with seeing the sick children.

She wrote: “We don’t really post about this as it hurts but it has got to a point where we feel we need to share … Some really close friends no longer talk to us, they no longer invite us out or invite us to their parties. They even distance their children from ours. That’s the bit that hurts the most! Our older children are watching two of their siblings die and to be fair they are coping far better than us but they are having friends taken away from them because of their parents. Family members no longer visit Ollie and Amelia. Does it cut through you like a knife when someone says they don’t come because they can’t cope with it all? Yes!”

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