A woman who was gang-raped by five men was forced to jump off a balcony in a bid to escape her attackers. Five suspects have been arrested for allegedly raping the 26-year-old in east Delhi’s Pandav Nagar region in India. The victim was reportedly locked in a flat yesterday by the men who took it in turns to rape her until the early hours of this morning. A senior police officer said she was eventually forced to jump off the balcony to escape.

The woman was allegedly picked up by one of the men, who asked her to accompany him to a party. He allegedly left the flat, telling the woman he had some work to do, and said he would return in the morning to pick her up, although he later returned to the flat, after the woman had been forced to drink alcohol. At around 5.30am, the woman managed to gain access to the balcony and jumped.

She was injured by the fall and passers-by reportedly made no effort to help her after seeing her condition. One man eventually stopped to assist her and informed police after she told him about the sexual assault. Police have confirmed the investigation is ongoing.