David Hasselhoff Confirms Knight Rider Is Returning To TV For A Brand-New Series

David Hasselhoff has delighted Knight Rider fans by CONFIRMING the show could soon hit screens as a “full blown TV series”. Earlier this year, it was reported how the Hollywood icon, 64, stripped topless and flashed his abs as he filmed scenes for potential new episodes of the Eighties cult classic.

Today, The Hoff whipped out his webcam and recorded a lengthy monologue for US gossip website TMZ in which he admitted producers were currently thrashing out the legal rights for the show. He said: “I embrace Baywatch, I embrace Knight Rider – especially Knight Rider now we are in talks about maybe bringing it back as a series. Which is unbelievable.

“And it’s cool because all the people that have seen all the other re-boots of Knight Rider and didn’t like it are saying ‘let it be true to what it was’ – so let me be the old guy. I can’t run, I can’t fight, I can’t jump but I can still drive.” The star confirmed that the Knight Rider comeback, in which he would resume his role as Michael Knight with his infamous talking car Kitt, would be “a full blown TV series”.

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