Dad Defends Decision To Keep Children Off School In Heatwave: “They’re Safer Here”

Yesterday saw temperatures exceed 30 degrees and today is set to be hotter. Pavements are melting and children are breaking the school rules and removing their blazers. Amid safety concerns, one dad decided to give his kids the day off.

Adam Lamberton’s sons George and Tom usually attend Pingle Academy in Coronation Street, Derbyshire, but Adam decided he wanted his boys with him during the heatwave, relaxing in the paddling pool instead of learning times tables. Adam has defended his reasoning for letting the youngsters skip Monday’s classes, even though he is breaking the law.

“I know it won’t be any cooler here than it is in school, but at least if they are here, I can make sure they are drinking plenty of water, staying safe,” he said. “I know they won’t wear sun cream or their hats if I’m not here to tell them, so at least they are safe if they’re with me.”

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