Dad Claims Racist Gang Who Repeatedly Kicked Schoolboy, 13, “Intended To Kill”

The father of a 13-year-old schoolboy who was repeatedly kicked in the head by a racist gang claims he thinks they ‘intended to kill’ his son. The brutal incident alleged to involve older teens is being investigated by police as a race hate attack.

The Manchester Evening News reports that six white youths circled their younger victim in a park before asking him: ‘Are you a P***?’. They then brutally battered the boy. The victim’s father said : “There were no other injuries on his body – just his head. I think they intended to kill him.”

The attackers are said to have only stopped when two of them pulled the others off the younger boy, ‘realising they had gone too far’. Police say they are investigating the incident as a racially aggravated assault, which took place in Plant Hill Park, Blackley, on Saturday evening.

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