Dad Broke Baby Girl’s Back, Neck And Legs: “Truly Chilling Attacks”

A man who threw his baby girl up into the air and didn’t catch her, letting her crash to the ground has been found guilty of a series of brutal attacks on his daughter.


The 20 year-old father has been found guilty of five counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent; the catalogue of errors included “flicking” his daughter in the air, “folding” her by forcing her legs up towards her head, pinching her and sitting on her, shaking her and throwing her up in the air and not always catching her.

The baby girl sustained multiple fractures but her father denied he intended to cause her “really serious injury.” However, a jury of six men and six women at Swansea Crown Court disagreed and took just an hour-an-a-half to convict the man, whose identity has not been revealed to protect his daughter.

The court heard how the attacks went on behind his partner’s back, starting when his daughter was only a few weeks old. The prosecution told the jury that the father treated his daughter “like a plastic doll;” the police became involved when after he pushed the baby’s head violently into her chest, she became “floppy” and her mother rushed her to hospital.

The man was tried at Swansea Crown Court

The man was tried at Swansea Crown Court

Catherine Richards, prosecuting, said to the defendant: “You’ve got a tiny baby and you’ve violently pushed her head towards her chest and what do you do? You go and make a cup of tea. Did you get help for your daughter? Do you call anyone?”

The father replied: “No.”

The father was jailed for 12 years. Speaking during sentencing, Judge Keith Thomas said that what the defendant had done was “beyond normal comprehension:”

“In dealing with these offences it has been sometimes difficult to remember we’re dealing with a child who, at the start of when you starting injuring her, was only about two months old.

“She was a tiny, delicate child and you as her father were intended to protect her but for some wholly inexplicable reason you chose instead to subject her to a catalogue of attacks that was truly chilling.”

The little girl is being looked after by the state; she suffered developmental delays, but it is not yet known whether she has sustained any locomotor or neurological injuries.

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