Cruel Mum Slashed Her Baby’s Feet With A RAZOR BLADE

A mum is facing a prison sentence after she inflicted “horrific” injuries on her own baby.

Thompson used a razor blade on her baby's feet

Thompson used a razor blade on her baby’s feet

40 year-old Rachael Thompson sliced her four month-old son’s feet across the soles with a razor blade. She then lied to staff at her local hospital, claiming that her little boy had sustained the injuries by kicking or cutting himself on a razor that had fallen into the bath.

Plymouth Crown Court heard how Thompson told doctors that she had been bathing her son, left him with her partner and when she returned to the bathroom found her son bleeding and and a razor blade lying in the bath next to her son.

Doctors did not buy her story, however, and contacted both the police and the social services. A nurse who was on duty in A&E at the time told the court her suspicions were raised when she realised that Thompson had waited two whole days before bringing her baby into the hospital.

Emma Congdon told the court that the little boy’s injuries were “horrific” and added: “You would not leave a four month old baby on its own in the bath.” The baby was kept in hospital overnight and his mother was arrested.

The Prosecution gave evidence from an expert who said that a falling razor blade would not slice a baby’s feet in clean, identical wounds but would rather cut in a “criss-cross” fashion.

The court also heard that Thompson had a history of self-harm and eating disorders. She was found guilty of assaulting her son and released on bail until her sentencing hearing on 7th November.

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