Couple Kill Themselves On Holiday In Swimming Pool – Chilling “Suicide Pact”

A couple who killed themselves in a swimming pool as part of a ‘suicide pact’ left a chilling video saying they wanted to see if there was a world after death. The woman – who held joint Irish and US nationality – and her Egyptian husband were found dead in the pool in a villa owned by a friend in the beach resort city of Hurghada, on Egypt’s Red Sea coast.

A message from the couple said: “Sweetheart, this is our last night in this world, and tomorrow we will become angels in heaven. Our spirits are not happy on earth and deserve to live in a happy eternal life.” The camera was in a fixed position in the swimming pool and had recorded them as they drowned.

Major General Hossam Kamal, director of Red Sea Security, said police initially thought the pair had been murdered. But there had been nothing stolen from the villa and no other indications of disturbances, nor any fingerprints apart from those of the dead couple.

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