1winterAn elderly couple in their 70s have been found lying dead side by side in a double tragedy outside their island home. Police Scotland are investigating the incident which was reported shortly after 8am and are treating the deaths as “unexplained”.

The bodies of Morag and Donald Macmillan were discovered together on the steps outside their home on Gravir on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. The doting couple, who ran the village post office as a family business, are feared to have lain in sub-zero temperatures after suffering a fall in icy conditions.

It’s not yet clear how the accident happened. One theory is that Mr Macmillan – known locally as “Boy” – had slipped on ice as he went to put rubbish in the bins and was injured. His wife then went out to help but also suffered a tragic end.

Locals are shocked by the double tragedy in the South Lochs area of Lewis. One told the Scottish Sun: “It seems to have been a terrible accident. It’s so very sad, they were lovely people.”