Councils across England have dropped court cases against parents over term time holidays after one dad’s refusal to pay a fine.1disnetJon Platt was hauled before court for refusing to pay £120 when he took his seven-year-old daughter on holidays to Disney World and Lapland. However, In May Mr Platt, 44, won his High Court case, declaring it a “victory” for parents.

The landmark ruling opened up the possibility that parents would be able to take their children on holiday during school time without the fear of being fined. And now an investigation has found some local councils have dropped court cases against parents over term-time holidays.

Ten councils had dropped cases, six had suspended issuing fines and 12 others were reviewing their policies. More than 80 local councils provided information to the BBC with 49 of them saying they were not changing any of their procedures and a handful not commenting.

Jon paid nearly £15,000 in legal fees to fight the decision after arguing his daughter’s attendance record was otherwise excellent. He argued that his daughter’s regular attendance at school balanced out the holidays. A magistrate agreed, overruling the fine. The High Court ruled Isle of Wight council should repay those costs.