There won’t be a dry eye in the house.Coronation Street have aired an emotional death after killing off poor Ozzy the dog. Maria Connor’s beloved pooch – who used to belong to her late love Liam – passed away, leaving her and viewers distressed.

But Maria’s problems are only just beginning thanks to sinister Caz. Viewers will have noticed Caz’s growing obsession with her flatmate and it’s no secret that the story is set to develop further over coming weeks, with Caz’s behaviour bringing some serious trouble Maria’s way.

Ozzy’s death will be the catalyst for Maria finally realising that she needs to cut Caz out of her life – but it will be a little too late as she will prove far more difficult to get rid of than Maria would think.

As Caz desperately tries to be grieving Maria’s pillar of support, the hairdresser is forced to make it clear that there will never be anything romantic between them. As Caz bursts into tears, Maria tells her that she wants her out of the flat. Will Maria regret giving Caz the boot – and just what is the former army officer capable of? So far, we may have just scratched the surface.