On fan favourite returns to the cobbles to find that her flat has been trashed, and there’s blood on the wall – she realises that someone else has done it – and there’s more horror to come…1cozOf all the possible targets, Caz has shown her military training by finding the softest in this week’s Coronation Street. Tyrone has swallowed the former soldier’s fibs about Maria going crazy and sending her abusive texts. But by mid week, Caz’s plan has gone nuclear.

Maria comes home to find her flat in a mess and blood on the walls. Aidan and Eva tell her to report Caz to the police.

Not wanting to draw attention to her sham marriage to Pablo, she decides not to, but when cops knock at her door, she finds herself under suspicion for attacking Caz, who has left a message on ex Kate’s phone saying she was locked in Maria’s bathroom and feared for her life.

Suspicions mount that the soldier has been killed after Fiz finds a bloody rug in a bin and Tyrone tells police about abusive texts Maria sent Caz. It’s not long before the police are involved. Maria turns to Aidan for comfort – and we all know how that ended last time. Will she get in romantic trouble too?