Coronation Street’s Chris Harper has confirmed that Nathan Curtis will be leaving the soap. At the moment, viewers are watching Nathan manipulate Bethany Platt into doing what he wants as he prepares to pass her around a group of men in the shocking sex ring plot that is currently taking place on screen.

While fans have been left shocked with how Nathan has been able to get away from doing so much, it appears that he will be given his comeuppance in the future. Speaking to press at a recent event, the actor revealed that Nathan has to leave Weatherfield in order for the storyline to stay truthful.  “He’s not gonna hang around,” he said.

“It’s right I think. I think the message of the story, what we really want is to tell it right.” Chris hinted the possibility of Nathan getting into trouble with the police for what he’s done. “No, he’s got to go down … but I will be very pleased to be met on the street with, ‘You’re the bloke that’s in prison or died really gruesomely, aren’t you?’ That’d be great.  I’d like to see Nathan suffer.”