Corrie Legend Set To Make Shock Return To The Street

Weatherfield is set to be shaken to the core by a surprise return from the past.

Fans are wondering just who is coming back to Coronation Street

Fans are wondering just who is coming back to Coronation Street

The Executive Producer of popular soap Coronation Street, Stuart Blackburn, has made the revelation that one of its most popular characters is to set to make a shocking comeback. However, Mr Blackburn is not letting slip who it will be.

Fevered speculation between vans is veering between front-runners; could it be Les Battersby or Bet Gilroy or even Andy or Becky McDonald?

It won’t be the first surprise return that Stuart Blackburn has overseen; he has already brought back Cilla Battersby and Liz McDonald as well as Jim McDonald who has been busy selling illegal alcohol to Peter Barlow while the latter is in prison.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Stuart said: “I love Jim’s story and Charlie Lawson has played an absolute blinder on that one. Even prior to all of that happening, we did start making plans for the return of another popular character, so there is another one on the way. I won’t say who yet as it’s still to be signed, sealed and delivered, but we do have plans.”

Returns have to be the right thing for the storylines of the successful soap, though, Stuart insists “Our policy on returning characters is that we’ll only do it when it’s important for story. Returns can be overdone and we wouldn’t do it just to grab a few headlines, but we’ll do it when it’s right to. The character who is returning will be back on screen early next year.”

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