Corrie Comes A Cropper – Fans Spot Huge Roy Mistake & Are Quick To Vent On Twitter

Coronation Street viewers spotted something that horrified them on the soap last night. David and Sarah Platt were seen sitting in Roy’s Rolls as they discussed Bethany Platt’s horrific ordeal at the hands of her groomer Nathan Curtis. But fans found themselves distracted from the serious conversation as they spotted something shocking behind David’s head.

They noticed that Roy Cropper was selling brie and rocket sandwiches for a whopping £4.95. In disbelief over the extortionate price, they took to social media to complain on behalf of Roy’s customers.

One said: “Brie and rocket sandwich £4.95….soon be out of business asking those kind of prices in the NW.” Another added: “Brie and pickle sandwich £4-95 at Roys Rolls? Shut the front door.” A third chipped in: “£4.95 for a Brie and Rocket sandwich. On a special offer as well. How does Roy get any business with those prices?” A fourth viewer said: “£4.95 for a Brie and rocket ‘Sandwich Special’ that’s an expensive special!”

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