Coronation Street are reportedly lining up more dark times for struggling Daniel Osbourne in a shocking storyline. The character has had a lot to deal with of late with him apparently being abandoned by his now missing mum Denise and the fact that his girlfriend Sinead Tinker terminated her pregnancy.

On top of that, his father Ken was almost killed and the resulting attack mystery has threatened to tear the Barlows apart. Reports have now emerged which claim that he will numb his pain by taking recreational drugs – but when he ends up overdosing, he will have to fight for his life.

On top of that, Daniel’s reasons for hitting rock bottom remain unknown too. Could he or Sinead be revealed as Ken’s attacker or might the outcome of the mystery drive Daniel to despair? Or could his turmoil be in relation to his mum Denise? After all, actress Denise Black has been spotted returning to the Corrie set, sparking rumours that Daniel’s mum is alive and about to return.