Corrie’s new boss, Kate Oates, is planning to wreak death and destruction right on some beloved cobbles.1roverIt has been revealed she is spearheading a major new stunt that will see an explosion rock Weatherfield and leave the locals running for their lives.

And it has been reported this evening that one character could be about to meet a grisly end in the inferno.

Tony Prescott, the man behind Corrie and Emmerdale’s live shows, has been brought in to orchestrate the spectacle; he is set to “blow the budget” and make sure the storyline is a huge ratings winner for the soap.

A source told the Sun: “This is going to be up there with some of the best scenes in Corrie’s history. ┬áCharacters are going to be crawling through flames to escape and there’s talk of killing at least one character.. the plans being put together are huge!”