Steve is determined to ensure that his and Michelle’s Christmas is as drama free as possible – which means that the last thing he wants is for his and Leanne’s baby secret to be exposed. But secrets seem certain to tumble out and there is bound to be a showdown between Nick and Peter as Nick’s insecurity over Leanne’s feelings for her ex explode.

As if Leanne hasn’t got enough to contend with, she also welcomes home her sister Toyah, who is carrying secrets of her own. How long will Toyah be planning to stay – and what are her real reasons for coming back?

Maria is facing the very real prospect of going behind bars as she faces her sentencing for her fraudulent marriage to Pablo. As Liam fears that his mum will be jailed over Christmas, Maria braces herself for the worst.

Meanwhile Aidan and Maria’s lust for each other resurfaces again and the affair is back on. However, Aidan makes it clear that he won’t be dumping Eva so Maria gets with Adam instead, in a bid to make Aidan jealous. And it works big style when Aidan lashes out at Adam – but will he end up exposing his own cheating to Eva?