Child murderer Rose West was “pummelled” in a jail beating by a vicious lag.1roseSerial killer West, 62, suffered a black eye and swelling to the face after she was pinned down and punched repeatedly. West, who has had a string of lesbian flings since she was caged in 1995, was beaten up at Low Newton jail, Co Durham, last week.

Her attacker was hauled off her by guards and has been placed in segregation. A source said: “It was a very nasty attack and Rose was quite shaken. The girl gave her a bit of a pummelling. Rose was OK after a while and didn’t need hospital treatment.

“She is a big woman but is getting on a bit, and this other girl is younger and caught her by surprise. No one knows what it was about, whether it was to do with a fling or anything and Rose has kept quiet about it. But a lot of the inmates hate her because of her crimes and for what’s seen as her celebrity status inside.”

West got a whole life tariff for the sexual assault and murder of ten children with her husband Fred, who killed himself before trial. In 2009 it was reported she had a fling with Tracey Connelly, the mother of tragic Baby P. West has also had relationships with murderers Julie Campbell and Sarah Best and 22st Amanda Summers, who torched a chemist’s shop.