Cheryl & Liam’s Fans Share Their Shock Online With Hilarious Reactions To THAT Baby Name

Cheryl and Liam Payne have shocked their fans after naming their baby boy Bear Payne – and it’s sparked a VERY mixed reaction on social media. From outright confusion to hilarious memes, the couple’s fans have come out in force to share their opinions on the latest news.

Reality star Maria Fowler wrote: “So Cheryl and Liam have named their son Bear Payne. Reminds me of chavs saying ‘Ah bruv I’m in bare pain’.”  Meanwhile one fan wrote: “Today I woke up to find that Cheryl and Liam called their baby Bear Payne….”

And one angry Twitter user added: “YOU MEAN TO TELL ME AFTER 9 MONTHS IN THE WOMB, AND ALMOST A MONTH AFTER THE BABY IS BORN LIAM AND CHERYL DECIDE TO NAME THIER BABY BEAR”  Elsewhere, one disgruntled fan wrote: “Can you believe that liam and cheryl had 9 whole months to come up with a name and they ended up choosing ‘bear’.” And one added: “Cheryl in labour: I’m in bear Payne Liam: that’s it.”

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