Cheryl “In Hiding” Since Birth Of Baby Bear – Sad Reason Revealed?

It’s not going to leave much of a dent in either of their wallets, but Cheryl and Liam Payne could face a fine of £200 for not registering the birth of their son, Bear. e new parents have a 42-day window to legally register their tot’s birth, but are yet to do so. As he arrived into the world on March 22, they are a week overdue.

Cheryl hasn’t been seen at all since their baby’s arrival – and Liam has been busy working on his solo material in America. So it seems Chez may have been too busy, being left holding the baby, to deal with paperwork – and Liam just hasn’t been physically able to do it. Some publications are speculating that there is another reason why Cheryl hasn’t ventured out to the town hall… she is terrified of being seen.

Now magazine has reported a source as claiming the former X Factor star is worried about being judged for her appearance. “Cheryl, understandably, doesn’t want to be body shamed,” they said. “She knows what a talking point her weight has always been. After 15 years in the spotlight, Cheryl’s used to dealing with how she looks in pictures. But she’d rather stay at home than risk being judged. Cheryl only goes out after dark and does everything she can to avoid being seen.”

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