Charlie Gard To ‘Inevitably” Die Soon As He is Set For Hospice Move

A judge today approved a plan which will see Charlie Gard ”inevitably” die shortly after being moved to a hospice and having his life support treatment withdrawn. Mr Justice Francis has made public details of an order which will result in Charlie dying shortly after leaving Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Yesterday, he said it was in Charlie’s best interests to be moved to a hospice and extubated unless alternative arrangements could be made by noon today. The name of the hospice will remain private, as will other, more specific, details. Minutes before Mr Justice Francis announced the decision to the court yesterday, Charlie’s mum Connie stormed out of the hearing. She shouted, apparently at her son’s court-appointed guardian: “What if this was your child? I hope you are happy with yourself.”

Connie abandoned the court after a 15 minute break in which her representative and the lawyer for Great Ormond Street had a private discussion with the judge about how much time Charlie will have between leaving hospital and having his tubes removed. “I have gone out of my way to accommodate the parents’ wishes,” Mr Justice Francis said in court yesterday. “I must consider Charlie’s best interests.”

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