In a dramatic twist to The Voice Live Final, the stage was invaded by an audience member. As Jamie Miller was being given his marching orders, becoming the first act to be axed from the grand finale on Sunday night, a member of the audience attempted to crash the stage.

While host Emma Willis went to give an ashen Jamie a conciliatory hug, the opportunistic stage-invader took their chance. Running up onto the main section of the stage, the intrude tried to unfurl a cardboard sign, however, he was soon tackled by one of the show’s burly security guards – but not before eagle-eyed fans clocked it.

“What just happened on The Voice… that tackle do [sic],” wrote one viewers at home, while another tweeted: “What just happened then on the voice??? Stage invasion” Other were quick to poke fun at the unsuccessful disruption to the show, as the rowdy audience member wasn’t even able to unfurl their sign. “If you going to do a stage invasion on TheVoice then at least write big enough so we can read it,” quipped @Calver1066.