VIDEO: Bullying Thugs Force Homeless Man In Wheelchair To Do Ice Bucket Challenge

People have been outraged by footage of a gang of bullies setting upon a homeless and wheelchair-bound man, cornering him and forcing him to do Ice Bucket Challenge.

The bully pursued the wheelchair-bound homeless man down an alley before drenching him

The bully pursued the wheelchair-bound homeless man down an alley before drenching him

The yobs even filmed the attack and posted the footage to YouTube; one of the bullies can be heard saying: “I nominate a smack head in a wheelchair.”

The homeless man attempted to escape down an alley, but the bullies cornered him and poured a huge bucket of freezing water over their victim’s head, leaving him speechless.

The man, who has been homeless for 17 years, was left in his sopping clothes to spend another night on the streets of Everton in Liverpool. Speaking to the Liverpool Echo in the days after the assault, the man said: “I’ve been living on the streets for 17 years and I’ve never had unkindness like that. The people of Liverpool have been keeping me alive for 17 years, so it was a shock. One minute I was just cutting through the estate, and the next minute I saw a giant bucket of water, they came from every angle. I tried to get away as quick as I could.”

“I didn’t have a room for the night, I can’t get anywhere that’s wheelchair accessible and I couldn’t dry off so I was really cold. I didn’t know what to say. I don’t mind people having a laugh for charity, I do anything for charity, I thought charity began at home but where’s the charity in that? I’m homeless, it was not good. I was even more cold. I feel like everyone has seen it, but everyone has been supportive. No one’s made fun of me, I’ve only had good comments.”

Even thought the homeless man had declined to make an official complaint, Merseyside Police have said they are investigating the attack.



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