Bruce Forsyth’s Final Days: Star “Too Frail To Say Goodbye”

Sir Bruce Forsyth’s health went downhill so quickly there was no time for his closest friends to say goodbye. The legendary entertainer died aged 89 on Friday holding the hand of devoted third wife Wilnelia and surrounded by all six of his children.  A source said Bruce’s health deteriorated badly just seven days earlier, adding: “His friends weren’t aware of how rapidly he had declined and he didn’t want them to see him the way he was.

“None of his close friends came to say goodbye. Sadly it never happened. There were lots of people wanting to come and see him but they were batted away.”  He said the speed of Sir Bruce’s final decline had shocked his family. He had been battling bronchial pneumonia and had suffered two aneurysms. He added: “Ten days ago Brucie wasn’t great but he was fine and chatting away. He hadn’t been great before but had got through it.

“But by Monday he had declined quite severely. There were two or three days where he wasn’t well and the family were very worried.”  The insider said: “Bruce said goodbye to all his children and to Winnie and they were all there at the time he died. Winnie was holding his hand. It was very emotional, peaceful and sad all at the same time. It was like he had just had enough and then he was gone.”

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