British Olympic Star SHOT During Thursday’s Spanish Terror Attack

A British Olympian was shot in the foot as Spanish police took down five terrorists after the country was hit by a second attack on Thursday evening. Winston Gordon, who competed for Team GB in judo at three Olympics, said he was hit by a ricocheting bullet as cops gunned down a group rampaging through Cambrils.

He was in the seaside resort, hit by terror hours after an attack in Barcelona killed 13 people and injured more than 100, for an international judo camp. Mr Gordon said: “At the time the second shots were fired, something ricocheted and hit my leg. I felt it straight away. It was like something just flew past my leg and cut me. It was just like I had been slashed. I realised what had happened and shouted to the guys, ‘I have been hit on my foot’.”

He said he had been out with a group of friends before they found themselves caught up in a terror attack. Although he was left with a bleeding foot he said he did not bother telling the police, and after walking to the town’s hospital also decided not to be seen as medics were busy with other injured people.

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