British Mum Found “Naked & Drunk In Gran Canaria” Arrested For Abandoning Two Young Children

A 30-year-old British woman spotted “walking naked and drunk in the street” while on holiday in Gran Canaria has been arrested for abandoning her two young children. Police in the Canary Islands say the two youngsters, aged just two and four, were found in an apartment “hungry and dirty”. The late-night incident is said to have happened in the popular tourist resort of Mogan in the south-west of Gran Canaria.

The local police, the Civil Guard, said the two children were found in a house in Patalavaca, one of the lesser known spots on the island.Witnesses were said to have been shocked when they saw a naked woman walking along the street outside where she was staying “in an obvious state of drunkenness”. Children were also seen “throwing objects” from the house into the road. Police said the British woman was on holiday.

Local residents called in the police after seeing her naked in the street at about 10pm. Their agents found the door open and saw the mother “naked and lying in bed with obvious symptoms of intoxication”. The 20-month-old child was found in a crib, crying and with scabby legs, and a dirty nappy that suggested having been left there for some hours. The four-year-old boy was crying and asking for food.

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