British Homes Set For MASSIVE Spider Invasion THIS Bank Holiday Weekend

Terrifyingly giant spiders are invading the nation’s homes – amid claims some are so big they could set off burglar alarms. Homeowners are being warned the Bank Holiday weekend could spark the start of an invasion of the arachnids as they venture indoors.

They usually start to seek shelter in September — but the washout summer is seeing them move in early as they seek warmth to start their search for sex. And the downpours mean there are more spiders to come for homeowners across the country with house spiders looking for places to lay 100 eggs at a time.

The Taylor family said they were shocked to discover giant spiders invading their home and were only alerted when their intruder alarm went off. Dad Andy investigated fearing burglars were in the house after the alarm was sounded by not just one, but several enormous spiders. Stacey Pearson also found two “as big as a hand”. One was in her seven-year-old son’s bedroom, the other emerged from a sink. She said: “Honestly, I have no idea how it fitted through the plughole.”

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