A British tourist has plummeted to his death after a tragic skydiving accident.1dave]]==]]]]David Reader, 25, plunged to the ground during a jump near Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps at more than 15,700ft (4,808m).

The thill-seeker was airlifted to hospital in a coma. His girlfriend and fellow skydiver Domi Kiger spent the night with him holding his hand. But the head trauma was too severe and David, from Newnham, Glos., was declared brain dead the following day, Monday August 9.

In an emotional post on Facebook, heartbroken Domi wrote: “He had a few body injuries, but the most serious one was a very severe head trauma. I spent that first night with him in his room, holding his hand, talking to him, wishing for a miracle. The miracle didn’t happen.”

The France-born daredevil added: “Dave was the most incredible human being I ever met. The type you don’t necessarily notice straight away, the best type in my eyes. He was kind, humble, gentle, incredibly smart, talented in absolutely everything he put his mind into.  He was bright in so many ways. He was quiet and reserved but so warm, loving and fun to those who took the time to get to know him.”