British-Born Man With UK Parents AND Grandparents Ordered To Leave Britain

A British-born joiner whose parents and grandparents are also British has been ordered to leave the country by immigration officials. Shane Ridge, 21, of Colne, Lancashire, has lived in the UK since he was born and describes himself as ‘British as they come’.  But last week, he received a ‘terrifying’ Home Office letter which warned he risks a £5,000 fine or prison because he had ‘no lawful basis to be in the UK’.

It came as a shock for Shane who explained he was schooled in the UK where he also works, pays his taxes and votes. The apprentice joiner said he believes the letter has come from his mum being born when his grandparents had visited Australia, though she is now a British citizen.  The letter declares that the Home Office is working with the DVLA, NHS and banks to ‘stop access to benefits and services for those with no lawful basis to be in the UK’ – before writing bluntly: “This includes you.”

It also states that his driving licence will be revoked and that he must stop driving immediately. Shane said: “The last bit scared me the most – ‘leave the UK voluntarily’. I’m speechless – I don’t know what I can say …I’m confused and worried that I’ll have to leave my entire family behind and move to a country that I don’t know. I don’t understand it because I was born in the UK. I did my GCSEs here, I’ve worked for six years, I pay tax and national insurance.”

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