Britain’s Most Venomous Spider Kills Beloved Gran – “Absolute Agony”

A beloved grandmother and mother-of-four has died after she was bitten by a false widow spider in her own home.

The false widow spider is Britain's most venomous

The false widow spider is Britain’s most venomous

60 year-old Pat Gough-Irwin was bitten about a month ago at her house in Aldershot in Surrey; as her health began to deteriorate, the pain increased until she was in “absolute agony.”

Doctors made the decision to amputate the end of her finger after she was admitted to hospital at the end of October.  However, the operation on 1 November made little difference and her family says she remained “confused and halluncinating” and her condition continued to deteriorate.

Mrs Gough-Irwin died in hospital last Friday and tests are now underway to confirm the cause of death and what part the spider bite had to play.  If proved to be a false widow spider, it would be the first actual death from one in the UK.

A neighbour of Mrs Gough-Irwin is “devastated” by her death: “She was genuine, warm and caring – and a good friend.”

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