“Britain’s Best Lips?” Woman A Laughing Stock Despite Her £8K Lips Claim

Office worker Hannah Page claims she has “Britain’s best lips” and has spent £8,000 on 16 different procedures to get the look she wanted.

Hannah Page has spent over £8,000 on her lips

Hannah Page has spent over £8,000 on her lips

22 year-old Miss Page, who is from Taunton in Somerset, had what equates to three and a half tablespoons – nearly 50 millilitres – of dermal filler in sixteen “extremely painful” injections.

Hannah’s love of plastic surgery started at 17 when she had a nose job; since then she has spent over £31,000 on cosmetic procedures, blowing all her savings and borrowing money from friends and family on a total of 87 procedures which include four more nose jobs, Botox injections, a breast enhancement and liposuction.

Boyfriends have complained to Hannah that her lips are hard and lumpy, but she doesn’t care: “As long as they look good I don’t care. I love my lips. They are the best in Britain. I’ll keep getting lip fillers until I’m grey and wrinkly, I also want to have bum implants, and maybe a couple of ribs removed to improve my figure.

“I am told my lips are the biggest in Britain. I have had more than 35ml of filler injected into them since I started but what people don’t realise is that some of the filler dissolves into the body and they need topping up to maintain the pout I like.

“There were times I’d have so much filler pumped in that… my mouth wouldn’t close properly, but I didn’t care. People often shout “trout pout” or “Barbie” at me in the street and I know people think I’m crazy and that my lips are ridiculous, but it doesn’t bother me. I love my lips being plumper – as far as I’m concerned, the bigger the better.”

Miss Page is now hoping that her infamous lips might lead to a role on a reality TV programme, such as Made In Chelsea, The Only Way Is Essex or The Real Housewives Of London.

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