Parts of the UK will be as warm as the Spanish tourist hotspots of Ibiza, Barcelona and Madrid tomorrow as temperatures soar. The UK could see one of the warmest days of the year so far, with southerners set to see the mercury peaking in the high teens. This is almost 8C warmer than the average 10.3C for the area at this time of year.

But it won’t stay warm for long, with colder weather on the horizon towards the end of the month. The Met Office said those in the South East could be basking in highs of 17C or 18C on Tuesday – around the maximum daytime temperatures forecast for Tuesday in Ibiza, Barcelona and Madrid.

Temperatures will have to soar higher than the 18.3C recorded on February 20 in Northolt, north-west London, and Kew Gardens, south-west London, to become the hottest day of 2017 so far. Murlough in County Down reached 15.9C, the Giant’s Causeway hit 15.8C, Usk in Monmouthshire enjoyed 15.4C and Saint James’s Park in central London reached 15.3C.