1coldBritain looks set to turn colder than Iceland this week as temperatures could dip as low as -8C. The big chill will begin today as thermometers being to plunge across the country tonight – bringing harsh frosts and freezing fog.

Unusually, southern regions will feel the full force of the chilly blast in the coming days while cloudy skies elsewhere keep temperatures higher. The mercury across England and Wales is expected to dip below -5C bringing the coldest night of autumn so far to the region. Britain is likely to feel colder than parts of Iceland with temperatures in Reykjavik forecast to stay above freezing over the next few days.

Temperatures in the north could nudge the -8C mark over high ground as winter officially arrives on Thursday. The chilly snap comes as long-range experts warn Britain could be facing an unusually cold and snowy winter this year. Thermometers dipped to -12.1C in Braemar, Scotland, last week with with lows of almost -7C around England and Wales.