BREAKING: Window Cleaners Trapped And Dangling 68 Floors Up World Trade Center

A dramatic race-against-time is underway to try to rescue two window cleaners who are trapped outside the World Trade Centre.

The scaffold dangles precariously

The scaffold dangles precariously

A scaffold containing the two workers is dangling precariously after a cable worked loose as they cleaned the windows. The scaffolding is now hanging at a 45 degree angle on the South side of the skyscraper outside the 68th floor.

The most likely scenario is that they they will climb to safety through an open window, but until that happens there is a certainty of death if the workers fall.

The window clearners are not injured and are harnessed to the scaffolding outside the 104-storey, £2.5billion skyscraper which was built where the Twin Towers once stood.

Crowds and journalists are gathered outside watching the scene and hoping for rescue.

More follows.

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