A major airport has been evacuated with reports of travellers coughing and suffering from stinging eyes.1abcPassengers at Rhodes Airport in Greece have been told to wait outside with pictures showing crowds outside the terminal. One Twitter user said her parents are at the airport and had been told of a pepper spray attack. She said flights had been delayed and people were coughing.

Tweeting under the name Ellyjellybaby, she said: “I’m worried for my parents. Don’t care if they are delayed as long as they are ok.”

Writing on Twitter, a traveller called Gerry said: “Clearly wasn’t a security exercise – not unless the airport was releasing something to make us cough/sneeze too.”

The airport tonight issued a statement saying the airport was evacuated for 40 minutes as a precaution. A statement said: “As a precaution and for forty minutes the airport was evacuated at 7pm when some of the officials and passengers complained of throat and cough symptoms.” It said after checks the airport was deemed safe and people were allowed back inside.