BREAKING: Toddler Waiting To Cross Road Subjected To Horrific Attack

A 21 month-old toddler who was with her childminder waiting to cross a road was brutally kicked in the stomach.

The crossing where a little girl was brutally kicked

The crossing where a little girl was brutally kicked

As the little girl waited with her childminder at a crossing in York she began to cry. Her assailant who was waiting at the crossing in front of the pair, on hearing the sobbing, turned round, took a couple of steps towards the tot and kicked her in the stomach.

The attack happened at approximately 9.55am yesterday¬†morning at a crossing near the city’s Aviva building; the toddler sustained a minor external injury in the assault. Police are appealing for the man and the woman who was accompanying him to contact them.

The childminder told police that the woman who was with the little girl’s attacker said that he had a “behavioural condition” and apologised for the assault. The man is described as being aged between 20 and 35, of heavy build and approximately 5ft 6in tall with thin hair. He was wearing dark-coloured trousers and an dated-style striped jumper. His shoes were big and his clothing was in the style of an “older person.”

His companion is around 5ft 6in tall, in her early twenties and of slim build with dark hair. Anyone who can identify either the man or the woman is asked to contact police as soon as they can.

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