BREAKING: Terror Alert At Stansted Airport – Thousands Evacuated After Bomb Scare

Stansted Airport was evacuated after a bag was found unattended, leaving thousands of passengers stranded outside. Thousands of passengers were said to be stranded after being evacuated from London Stansted Airport by security guards over fears of a “suspect package”.

Many took to Twitter in confusion over the evacuation.  Charlie Neill was stood outside the airport with thousands of other confused passengers: “We still don’t know a lot of information. All we know really is that security were investigating a suspect package. An announcement came over the tannoy and everyone had to leave. We’re all just waiting outside now, I’d say there are at least 2,000 people standing in the drop off lane and in the road outside, near to the car park.”

Essex Police said officers were sent to the airport amid the scare. “Officers were called to Stansted Airport today with reports of an unattended bag in the terminal. The item was found not to be suspicious,” Essex Police said.

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