BREAKING: Teenager Stabbed To Death In Front Of Aunt On London Street

A teenager has been stabbed to death outside a convenience store.

Onlookers could do nothing to prevent the stabbing

Onlookers could do nothing to prevent the stabbing

A witness told reporters that the 18 year-old was with his aunt and a friend when he was attacked and stabbed outside the London Bridge shop. His sister arrived shortly afterwards and was described as “distraught.”

The police arrived at the scene in Pilgrimage Street just before 2.30pm this afternoon after receiving reports of a stabbing. Ambulance crews were also in attendance and the air ambulance was dispatched, but unfortunately, the teenager could not be saved.

The witness said: “Emergency services did the best they could but there was nothing they could do.”

Police have cordoned off the road outside the Quality Food store and a detailed forensic operation has started. There is heavy police presence in the area as there is the possibility the murder was gang-related.

No arrests have been made at this time and the teenager’s body was removed and a post-mortem will be conducted shortly.

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