BREAKING: Shopping Centre Horror As Gunmen Attack – Hundreds Flee In Terror

Hundreds of shoppers have been pictured running out of a shopping centre after reports of three gunmen storming the mall. Gunshots were heard gunshots inside.

Some people are reportedly trapped inside shops at the SM Southmall in Mandaluyong, Philippines. Several terrified shoppers and their concerned families took to Twitter. One said: “An active shooting in SM Southmall in Las Pinas where three gunman are in that area. My mom just texted me saying she’s hiding in Tetsu’s Kitchen. Let’s all pray for their safety please.”

Another added: Several gunshots fired at Foodstreet area of SM Southmall. People are panicking. Running.” One wrote: “I was literally at SM Southmall with Trins just this evening, thank God we didn’t stay there for too long.” It is not known whether anyone has been injured in the incident.

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