BREAKING: Security Alert At Liverpool Airport – Terrified Passengers Trapped On Planes

Terrified passengers were held on flights tonight following a security alert at Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport. Stranded holidaymakers tweeted as their planes were held on the tarmac following a “suspicious package” alert.

One, Pauline Cox, wrote: “Security alert at Liverpool airport so we can’t get off our plane. Anyone know anything?” Earlier, other passengers wrote: “Just been turned away by security. What do I do? Are flights going?” While Matty Baggaley added: “There’s been a Security incident. Not sure what’s happening but all passengers and staff have been evacuated.”

An airport spokesperson confirmed a suspicious package was found at the airport. An army disposal team raced to the airport to investigate. Around 1,000 passengers are believed to have been affected by the evacuations this evening. The army has since declared the area safe and allowed passengers to return to the terminal.

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