BREAKING: Scotland Decides – Referendum Vote Result

After a hard-fought campaign lasting two years, with vigorous campaigning on both sides and with only one count left to declare, the result of the referendum is no longer in doubt.

The results are in!

The results are in!

Scotland has voted no to independence, choosing instead to remain as part of the United Kingdom.

With 31 out of 32 counts declared, the results stand at 1,914,187 voting ‘no’ and 1,539,920 voting ‘yes’.  In order to win, either side needed a winning total of 1,852,828.  Overall, the national margin is about 55% to 45%.

Chief counting officer, Mary Pitcaithly, said: “It is clear that the majority of people voting have voted No to the referendum question.”


Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, has made a statement saying he accepts his defeat:  “It is important to say that our referendum was an agreed and consented process and Scotland has by a majority decided not at this stage to become an independent country.  I accept that verdict of the people and I call on all of Scotland to follow suit in accepting the democratic verdict of the people of Scotland.”

Talks about devolving even greater powers to Scotland will be next on the agenda.

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