BREAKING: Royal Navy To Rescue Brits Trapped in Libya

HMS Enterprise is moving to the coast of Libya as the Royal Navy prepares to sail into Libya and rescue Brits stranded in the war-torn African country.

HMS Enterprise is en route to Libya

HMS Enterprise is en route to Libya

The ship will moor at a safe operating distance off-shore, while her survey boat, Spitfire, will ferry the British people from the port of Tripoli. Armed protection will be supplied by the Royal Marines, both on HMS Enterprise and Spitfire.

Britain is suspending its diplomatic mission in Libya, after the conditions have deteriorated due to the in-fighting between rebel groups struggling for power. Tunisia has been a usual escape route from Libya, but they closed their borders yesterday due to the escalation in violence, meaning that a sea rescue is the best way of rescuing the stranded Britons.

HMS Enterprise has a top speed if 15 knots (about 17mph) and is armed with two Oerlikon 20 mm cannons, two Miniguns and four general purpose machine guns.

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