BREAKING: Paris Terror Alert – Tourists Locked In Eiffel Tower, Eurostar Evacuated

Tourists were locked inside the Eiffel Tower and the Eurostar evacuated amid a Paris terror alert involving someone who was ‘acting weird’ this evening. People took to social media to share images of the 324-metre-high tourist attraction shut off and surrounded by police.

One person has been arrested. Initial reports said the person was carrying a weapon, with some social media users mentioning both a ‘gun’ and a ‘knife’. A cordon surrounded the area as officers stopped people from getting close to the landmark. The incident came as another security scare unfolded at the Gare du Nord, where passengers on the Eurostar were evacuated when a ‘suspicious item’ was found

Bob Thomas said on Twitter: ‘Anyone know what is going on at the Eiffel Tower? All been shut down.’ Earlier in the evening the tourist told the Mirror: ‘We’re stuck in one of the legs outside the lift. We’ve been locked in. Told it’s a full lock down. Nothing official yet. We are currently locked down at the base outside one of the lifts. Been told a guy was acting weird but no confirmed weapon. The staff have been locked in with us.’

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