BREAKING: Panic As Man Drives Car Into Shoppers – Then Pours Petrol From Can

A driver has ploughed into shoppers at “55mph” – before reportedly jumping out of his vehicle with a petrol can in his hand. The man reportedly drove into the entrance of a discount retail superstore in the town of Ullared, Sweden, just before 8pm today.

He then left the white Audi car with a can of petrol in his hand, according to shocked eyewitnesses. Two people were injured in the incident after being hit by the car as it rushed down the busy street at closing time. Security officers then restrained the man before officers raced to the scene and arrested him.

Local media reported that the man was suspected by officers of “devastation endangering the public, vandalism and bodily harm”, and that police believe he was “ill” and “confused”. The man is reportedly 65-years-old, and is to be examined by a doctor due to concerns about his mental state.

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